Landlord is coming over at 11am, so I had to clean house tonight, rather than leisurely tomorrow. I’ll be more comfy and ready for dreamland after a hot shower, and a little reading in bed.

upside, chores are done early. downside, I’m not sleepy at all now. It’s amazing how much dust and hair can accumulate over a week when the occupants of an apartment are a Yeti and a Cat with a monkey-brain. all swept up (I won’t vacuum at this hour… have to be nice to the neighbors, even if I closed the window and ran the A/C tonight, because the folks outside were a little loud.

I had a lovely pizza and beer night with the sweetie…”green monkey pizza” and killian’s red. tasty, tasty. animal planet, cartoon network, talking of childhood, cleopatra, silliness, weirdness, and earnestness. It amazes me that she doesn’t know how truly wonderful she is… a beautiful, intelligent, gentle soul. I just want ot pick her up and squish her. ‘strue. I love her so much, it makes my eyes cross. She giggled at me when I referred to Antony “pussing out” by comitting suicide after losing his final battle with Octo… as a result, Cleopatra, the last Pharoh, took an asp the the breast rather than deal with the new regime.

Wowie! Vatican file shows pope pardoned massacred Knights Templar! Unreal.

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