Had a very nice walk this morning.. headed up to the beach…population was low, so it was pleasant to roam a little. On the beach walk, I saw two different people walking with toothpick in their mouths…I wonder if they came from the same eatery. Things locally have pretty much calmed down, with most of the drunken school party-folk headed back to an education of a more institutional sort.

Last night I dreamt that friend’s memoirs had been published and was being very well recieved by the public…. but he’d forgotten to get permission to name names before setting the tome in print. People kept coming over to his house, with highlighted copies of the book in hand. For every incedent of the person’s name they were allowed to take one item from his house. Some folks went easy on him, taking little things… (like a spoon or videocasettes). A jealous “friend” took all the doors in his house… apparently he was mentioned a number of times, and wanted a cut of the profits. A lawyer was making sure that the things taken weren’t “disposable”… I asked if I could just take a paper towel, and was denied.

Off to shower, though the weather wasn’t really hot enough to warrant it. just a good jump start for the day.

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