fresh from a relaxing hot shower.

I see an invading bug of a nondescript sort.

drying in a towel, I call out to Newton… “Destroy the invader, my noble jungle friend!” (In my best James Earl Jones Basso-profundo, no less) If I’d had more time, I’d have come up with something better. maybe an opening of “Hie thee behind me, oh meddling fiend, lest I release the terrible whirlwind of justice that is Newton!…. To me, my son!”. There’s always next time.

he trots in, pounces, and with a sickening crunch after about 30 seconds of pursuit, our six-legged intruder is no longer on this plane of existance. I feel a moment of mixed feelings… pride in Newton’s speedy dispatch of the segmented arthropod and attending to me. a little sad that some silly bug probably did the insect equal of flying accidentally over enemy lines, and without so much as a radio warning, the government fired a sidewinder missile at the lost navigator.

well, them’s the breaks. if I’d discovered him while in clothes, I’d not have had to summon the cavalry. don’t mess with superior firepower.

Trying suave shampoo, as the grocery was out of the australian stuff… smells good, and does a good job at cleaning.

Newt ate the bug in its entirety, and I am dry now. I must photograph my defender for posterity. be right back. back. did you miss me, dear journal?

All hail the mighty defender! rah! rah! rah!

he is now eating his kibble…I imagine to get the flavor of the enemy from his capable jaws. Newton is truly mighty, as well as noble.

feeling silly. the universe just changed settings.

Laugh-O-Matic (Serious / Satirical / Witty / Wacky / Insane) …the needle is pushing a bit more ot the right.

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