Back to the Doc for me at 1pm for a followup…. let’s hope it doesn’t take four flippin’ hours today… I’d like to get some work done.

Additional…got a call from the company that provides service for my CPAP… my insurance doesn’t cover *that* either. Blue Cross / Blue Shield does… so that’s the final clincher. I switch over in 2 weeks.

I was up late, and woke early this morn, from the phone call first thing…jarred from sleep, I don’t remember even a shred of last night’s dreams… but I was comfortable in my rest.

Louie Anderson is a little disturbing to me, on family feud.

beluga whaleA teacher is taking care of 17 dogs, all that live in her house! I don’t know… that’s kind of weird. She says it’s like having kids…. I’d think adopting 17 kids would be very difficult, too.A phys ed teacher, she takes them all to work with her, which is very cool. More power to her, I say, but I’d hate to have to clean that house. I don’t like the cage enclosures. The money and time it takes to care for 17 dogs… I can’t imagine that on a teacher’s salary.

I think some folks just really dig the unconditional love that a dog will give.

Hey… they moved “that’s my baby” to a half hour later for each showing. It’ll be about a beluga whale.

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