"You got the curves, baby, but I've got the angles. All the angles covered."

two words I used in conversation today… screwball and screwy. (one in reference to the other, really… “What’s that screwball doing in the office? I thought he was in Tampa!” “Uh, what?” “Screwball… Ol’ Small hands is screwy in the head, y’know?”

puts me into the mind of old philip marlowe…

“it was only a gambler’s marker, a promise to pay worth a thousand bucks, and I was hired to find it which sounded easy, until I realized that it meant the whole future to two men, freedom to a third and death to the girl in the cottage.”

grey army man tries to escape the greens

I’ve been wondering…Has anyone done the “Which cheap plastic army man are you” test yet? belly crawler, radio guy, minesweeper, guy running with gun overhead, bazooka man, binoculars guy, machine gun on a bipod guy, mortar guy, rally the troops guy, rifle as a club guy, or medic…. I think I could work one out if it’s not already been done. What fun! I suspect I’d be the “hit guy“… I’ve never had one, but it looks right.

What colors… green, dark green, tan, grey…were there blue ones? I know cowboys and indians were all primaries, like yellow and red and blue…and the space guys were black and white.

Curses! CNN has caught wind of my evil plan!

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