written as I'm half asleep polish if needed post-shower

newtosill this morn

Caught myself this morn singing as Daffy Duck-

So joyous and free, And away to old Sherwood, hie!
For I’m Robin Hood,
And I’m very good,
At avoiding the Sheriff’s eye. Oh, join with me,

So, we’ll trip along merrily
‘Cross the green woods so gracefully.
To trip and trip and trip and trip and trip it up and down
To trip and trip and trip and…whoa, whoops, trip it…(etc.)
(Big splash)
Sooo, triiip it uuuup
Aaaaaand doooown…!!!

Morning is here…I woke a few times during the night, but I got a good 8 hours in. I had a few dreams… of folks I’ve not seen in a while. I was at the Dawsey’s house… brought James a videotape. He and his brother were being uncharacteristically snotty so I went out back to play with their mastiff Archie (who died years ago)… we were running all over the place, swimming in the lake out back. While there, the house was sold to some new people and I got to keep the dog for some reason. (i wonder how Newt’d deal with a big, lumbering, drooling lummox like him. I get away with it because I’m his mom.) Luckily in my dream-space, I had a large back yard for him to run around in. My sweetheart was there, and we also had a stable and horses. Oddly, Newton was outdoors there, even though he is certainly not an outdoor kitty. He rode with me on the saddle… completely defying any of his usual behavior.

The other dream was an unusual competition… Saturn was in the sky, filling about a tenth of it. There was mortal combat inside a swimming pool or water tank, emptied. flying sharks were inside, swimming as if there was liquid. Sunk to the bottom, I oversaw things as referee. Each person had a different special power that they could use…one had a magic whistle that could make a single opponant deaf and blind for a few seconds, another had an “umbric form”, would go flat and dark…beating up the other guy by punching the person’s shadow. I think my only super power was that I knew that I wouldn’t be hurt by the sharks or other combatants. The combat portion was split up by a cooking one, like iron chef. The magic ingrediant was a basic one, sort of lame, really. Rice. The food was unremarkable…I don’t remember the recipes, save for that it was tasty. something with vinegar, but sweet.

I’ve noticed some folks seem to put “keywords” in entries to draw replies. On the usenet, it was called “trolling”. That’s sort of weird to me, like fishing for compliments. I don’t think that I do it… or if I do, it’s done unconsciously. Perhaps I’m being over analytical, but it’s simpler for me to just write about what’s on my mind. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of replies to my entry about the people I read yesterday. So many nice people.

a pic of scotto and newt sleeping… warning, pre-shave! I blindly reached over to the camera, and fired off about 4 shots. that’s the only one that came out at all. That’s how we sleep.
me and newtie resting this morn

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