Scotto’s Stream of thought… write whatever comes to mind for 3 minutes. go.

Root Beer is Tasty.

Wildfire is a cool word, but a dumb name for a horse.

I forgot to get shampoo and to mail my goodies.

I’m too lazy to leave the house at 8pm-ish, tonight, this Saturday Night.

Local gravity seems turned up to about 1.7 G, or more. (Side Effect of Newt on lap. He’s magic…less than 20 lbs, can hold down a man 15x his mass)

Newton’s talky tonight. I can just say his name or something in the form of a question, and he’ll “Mer?” or “Mow?” with a little head-tilt.

Weird moment today at the laundry… a man walked in, took off his shirt, rubbed cocoa butter over his torso and face, and then went back outside, hopped on a bicycle and rode off. The scent lingered for about ten minutes afterwards. I was so dumbfounded by the event, I forgot I had my camera in my pocket. He put the stuff on like it was soap in a shower, lifting arms, and coating face, arms and head. He didn’t do his legs, though he was wearing shorts. (He’s going to tan poorly.)

A permit to gather fossils on Florida parkland costs $5. I need to get one of those.

I believe in love.

Chinese Noodles are good. Ramen rules the school.

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