Ravage the land as never before.. total destruction from mountain to shore! – Gargamel

ugh… the program I’m working on is evil.

Ugly, craven, mutant code that shuns the light of day, spooks dogs and horses, and makes small children cry out in the dead of a moonless night. Villagers fork the evil eye at the code when they walk down the street, and some day the townsfolk will rally with torches and pitchforks and confront the code in its desolate lair, and drive it from the land of God-fearing folk forever.

But I’ll defeat it. pesky differences between .NET and VBA. bah, humbug.

Baby Llama! – Awwww…

Animal planet rocks… I love watching the tube with my sweetie in the morning.

Newtcam is on

newtcam is on

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