Me and Newtie

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Hmm…my brother is coming by tomorrow to help out around the house. Taking my laundry and bringing some supplies. I found that he had more troubles than I knew on the Island when he was there… I’m glad those times are mostly behind him. I’m going to help him out with rent until his IRS check comes in later this week. I drew myself up fairly tight with the phone and power bills, cab rides and meds…It’s just as well I’m staying in this week.

I’m feeling a little mopey today, but that’ll pass. I think it’s from poor sleep, and being perhaps over-anxious about the meds, and the situation in general. I’m fortunate to have a few beacons to help me on my way. 🙂 Newtie is being very good about snuggling and purring. My back’s doing pretty well at the moment, and I’m curled up comfortably.

Something that just made me laugh… a guy’s name… “Dick Hyman“… master of jazz piano. I’m so juvenile, sometimes.

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