Last night's dreams

dream last night, the ides of march I went to bed sort of early last night, to get a long, deep sleep. I woke up about 4 am and doodled a quick piccie on the palm… took me about a half hour, then I snugged back to snoozeville. Not bad for having a sleepy kitty on my neck. (It loops after about a 30 second pause, if you want to see it go by again.)

I don’t recall the follow-up dreams later, but they were quite comforting, as well. Nice stuff… makes the whole day feel brighter.

Hmmm… now then, what’s for brunch? Apple Jacks, OJ, and peanut butter toast are looking good to me… and then a hot shower.

got a nifty e-card from One World Journeys by way of … Thanks to him and Sluggo! 🙂

Today’s Keywords – Messy Apartment on MSN search has Newtcam as #1! 🙂 Dubious.

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