It takes approximately 2 million flowers worth of nectar to produce a pound of honey.

Random Scotto Factoid – Whenever I see the name Clovis, I see the word “Clowns”.

I’m eating honey on lightly toasted whole wheat bread and pondering the might of my bread-topping.

Honey is neato. Honey is uber-keen. It is a sweetener and a preservative. Properly stored, it can last for centuries.

Honey is one of the more strangely acquired common foods. You ever see people gathering honey on TV? They get decked out in protective gear and take those big chunks of honeycomb from the bee colonies. It’s bizarre…You’d think anything obtained in such a manner would be a rare and expensive delicacy. But nosireebob! I got it for free at the grove I did some work for. Orange Blossom honey…sweet and delicious.

In a bottle shaped like a bear. Yet another reason I like this planet so much. Honey is one billion times better than sugar in tea.

Speaking of honey… my poor sweetheart is suffering badly with her cramps… She’s been down and out all weekend… I’m hoping her time comes soon, to release the pressure soon… I hate to see her suffer so. I hope that it happens tomorrow, or even tonight, if it means her relief.

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