Insurance Woes.

Foundation Health is the worst insurance I’ve ever had. I just had to pay $58 out of pocket because foundation doesn’t do refills on the same sort of meds more than once every month. I only got a week and a half’s worth, so when I went to refill, no dice. (On insurance, it’d have cost about $20). On my old insurance it’d have cost $5, and I wouldn’t have to deal with any time-span hubbub. If I had a doomsday machine, FH would be a molten heap of slag.

Fark ’em. I’m going to Blue Cross / Blue Shield, anyway. Just a warning to anyone that has it. *Change it*. The copay is cheaper on BC/BS, and they’re reliable. My doc also warned me against foundation the time before last.

One of my duties when I return to work is to get as many people to change off of FH. I’d love to get the whole company to switch. Spread the word for me, if you think of it. you’ll be helping out anyone who changes.

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