I would love to see the poem tag meme fly. assorted blog spreading of info.

the poem is mine, the poem tag came from – prionix

Hello, my poem is a carved wooden elephant inspired by nag champa, red fur, and a true heart

Tell me if you do one? I want to see as many as possible. I’m gathering them in an album here
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assorted links of interest
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Bubblegum Ally –in San Luis Obispo. What would normally be a generic alley between two stores downtown is turned into a twisted art experiment by people plastering the walls with gum. A recent addition seemed to have been made on Valentine’s Day.

The one one the far right showing the scale is truly awesome.

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Time Magazine’s gallery of cinema covers from 1924 to 2001 – the older ones are the best.

Cute piccies Kitties and duckies and doggies and ostriches and llama and giant piggies get your cute animal quotient, here.

Remember how everyone’s socks were getting rocked because the universe was discovered to be turquoise (if perceived by the human eye) back in January? Well, it turns out that it’s not turquoise. It’s beige. The color of the universe was previously (and mistakenly) believed to be turquoise because the software used in the project to determine what color the human eye would see mistook a pink-looking point for a shade of white. Whoops!

finally, a followup on dooce’s termination for having a blog (among other things… clogs and socks!)

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