Entry #3929.

I’m craving cadbury eggs, and chocolate bunnies filled with marshmallow cream. The tastes came to me last night in a dream… my dreams frequently cover all the senses, I remember smells and textures frequently. The pressure of someone sitting next to me on the bed, or her breath on my neck. good dreams. My heart’s a-flutter thinking of her scent of egyptian musk or lavender. Fantastic… I salivate a bit like pavlov’s dog contemplating it. I’m burning nag champa now, which soothes me to no end.

On another tack, I’m thinking about redoing my website again…I got off to a false start some months ago, before big brain kicked the bucket… I’m thinking of starting over from scratch, using CSS to do it all up right. I’ve seen some nifty design elemends here and there, and I can still keep it text-browse friendly. I don’t want it to look like the other gazillion pages out there… something to make it distinctly my own. Subtle, without all the freaky java bells & whistles, unless it serves a solid purpose, or is just on a page o’fun… I’d like to add a games page and maybe a poll / sketch of the day. I’ll have to consult my sweetie on design…she’s superior at color schemes and general artistry. The nice thing about CSS is that i can shift the look and feel of all pages at once, should I get antsy about a theme. I have a few ideas… a cave with petroglyphs to navigate around is one of the old ones, and maybe a sandy-beach background with images “drawn in the sand”. Now that I have the digicam, maybe a photorealistic set of icons, too. I really like mootpoint‘s new design (warning, a boat of popups), and sweetalyssm‘s casa’s layout (recently being swiped by some german camgirl) with the right-side menu are both examples of the sort of quality I’m looking to shift to from my website. No rush, in mind, really, but I’d like to add more content. As it stands, my page hasn’t really been shifted in a few years, save for the addition of my livejournal and blog. I don’t think I’ll use frames as much, though. More flash for those that can use it though. I’ve picked up quite a lot of handiness with it, though the folk I know are still a light year or two ahead of me yet.

There’s a good article about the late comedian Bill Hicks on Salon. (right after my complaining about salon’s content, no less, my complaint about reading it online is the pre-article ad.) I still have a link that’s a quote of his on my website… the rollercoaster comment on the bio page. Hicks was a terrific comic, as black and profane as anyone not quite at the receiving end of an instant lynch mob could be, but with a core of righteous anger and truth that made sense of his attitude. He was insulting and even cruel because his disgust and rage at the world he lived in was so deep and heartfelt, yet his hope for a better world was intense enough to compel him to change things the way he best knew how: on stage, in front of a microphone, grinding it out night after night. I used to be a bigger fan of him than I am now, much like how I feel about George Carlin. Hicks died before he could succumb to Carlin’s bitterness, but the element was there. I do admire the hope that poked through the cracks on Hicks.

Anyway, give it a read. The section towards the end about the differences between the U.S. and U.K. editions of a new biography on Hicks is especially amusing.

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