at radiology

television here has “crossing over w/john edward” on the tube… I’m willing to accept that there are unknown mysteries out there, and possibly psychics, but this guy rings all my fraud bells.

it’s some sort of old folks magnet, though. the geriatric crowd here is enthralled by its infomercial-like design. I suspect that I could pull a similar carny scam on the people here. simply get a big enough crowd, and mention some generic po-culture references…”someone here once met a guy named john…possibly a relative?”

this office seems to have a better sense of throughput…patients are cycling at a good clip. I is standing room only, here, too, though. the woman on my left mentioned that it’s about a 45 minute wait after your assigned time. not as bad as the other place.

well, back to reading the lensmen books. (my latest synch to the palm, along with the latest onion and local news.)

until later, little journal.

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