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I also want to know if this movie is available with english subtitles. I saw a clip of it on Telemundo, and it looks *keeno* and creepy.The gist of the movie involves the only survivor of an airplane crash, and features games of chance, a weird subculture, proxy rituals, and characters with a special gift which is both a blessing and a curse.

Some evil news –

Cambodia skull map dismantled

“PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Skull by human skull, officials have dismantled a key icon of Khmer Rouge atrocities.

Buddhist monks chanted and prayed Sunday for the souls of some 300 Khmer Rouge victims whose remains became part of a map of Cambodia made of human skulls and displayed publicly since 1979 as a testament to the regime’s brutality.”

Thousands Seek Citizenship in Fake Country

More than 3,000 Pakistanis want to become citizens in the northern European nation of Ladonia, the country’s state secretary said on Monday.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist.

Ladonia is a piece of land in southern Sweden only one square kilometer (half-mile) in size, and as a nation exists mainly on the Internet ( and in the mind of its creator, artist Lars Vilks.

Hmm… If I’d made that Magonia website like I was planning… would I have been in the news? Some dispatches are due….maybe Tulpa pays it a visit. A painted sunset might bring her life into focus.

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