a year ago, this week.

Ultrababy-Xsuper-newtie Hey! Ultrababy-X! does anyone remember him? Super-Newtie does! I wonder if Lexie is ready to pass her membership in the legion of super-babies on to her younger sibling? A year ago, we mentioned that this baby can dig holes at an incredible rate and is destined to lead us to an underground utopia and a new age of enlightenment. Perhaps that’s why he is known to the children as Ultrababy X. I think he wants to recruit little Lexie into his legion of Superbabies.

How many people want to add an infant or cuddly pet to the legion? There is the Legion of Superbabies and the Legion reserve, comprised of Fuzzy babies, led by Newton. (Herschel, Buddy, and Buzzito are all honorary members…) How about the rest of you guys? any baby/pet piccies to add to the list of the Pee-wee crusaders?

a year ago, bigfoot was sighted. bigfoot sighted!

Hmm… also, a year ago, gnomes on snailback were a project. I wonder where they’re at these days. πŸ™‚

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