awwww! Llamas for sale!

Here’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week, a beautiful, savage skewering of a journalist whose laziness and presumption are a wonder to behold.

Watching Adult Swim and thinking of my sweetie…l’m in a very placid state… nearly floaty. Nag Champa burns while Newt purrs in my lap. I think my mind is about 5 feet to the left of my body. I have the urge to drink something with rum in it, and maybe a paper umbrella.

The trees hide the mountain,
The mountain hides the temple.
Vines’ shade is deep;
Cloud shadows, ragged.
Afar the bell sends off the falling sun.
Weary birds wing homeward
Cold light is sodden
With a smear of mist
I ask the rude monk
Where he wanders ‘neath
The moon morning and evening,
Early and late.
“I come with my lute here
strolling in search of a poem.”

– Hsien-Yu Pi-Jen

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