We stored light? Wha? That means a *major* step in technology is coming…if it’s legit, and not another cold fusion.

results from earlier friend’s quiz, 17 responders thus far… average person links to just about 85 people, based on responses thus far, and are linked to by about 92 readers.(pretty close reciprocation, all told, but there are some broad ranges) too many people are unsure about how many they can handle on a list, but it seems that the consensus is just about 100, depending on how often they post. pserv is on drugs, as she said infinite. With some twiddling, folks seem to do 1 and a half entries a day, again with huge ranges to a few times in a few months to over seven times a day. I’ll update again in about a week with final findings… the numbers are skewing a little higher in the link lists than I’d though, and a little lower on the posting side.

More yummy Easter-links!

Pastry chef Jean-François Houdré’s excellent tutorial on how to make and decorate chocolate Easter eggs.

Designer Easter eggs. (I agree with my sweetie, though… give me paas egg-dye, simpler times.)

The origins of egg painting, and eggs around the world.

…and a different way to have Mr. Bunny for lunch, here’s a recipe to bake cinnamon bunny bread.

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