Went home early today, feeling poorly, and little work was to be done.

rglad gave me a spiffy linkie for child safety here Those I really dig. The safety lock is sort of creepy though. I know that as a kid, if I had a bracelet put on me that I couldn’t remove… it’d get removed. (If I was over the age of 4 or so, anyhow.)

Retro recipes. I especially like the Creepy Cakes.

This guy made a huge bear statue out of ketchup packets, thinking it’d look like it was bleeding when he shot it. It didn’t quite work out. I guess the science of constructing ketchup-packet bears still has a ways to go.

Some animal words. In no particular order.

  • Ursine: Bear-like.
  • Vespertilian: Bat-like.
  • Pongid: Like a gorilla.
  • Murine: Rat-like.
  • Discophoran: Like a jellyfish.
  • Blattid: Roach-like.
  • Aedine: Mosquito-like.
  • Vespine: Wasp-like.

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