bridge at work

hmm… freaky “batman villian angle” on that one. Mostly uneventful day at work, discovered a few new ways of doing things. That clear sky popped out about 10 minutes before I decided to head into work… Looks like Maryland is getting the rain we had earlier…showers through wednesday.

Looks like Danny’s getting spring break just in time…I suspect his burnout is hitting a new high. well, he’s got until thursday, then a week and a half oof, then another month and a half to summer vacation. he needs to get out of the high school arena, and into college, and quick. I’ll be going out to breakfast with him Thursday, before he goes on the road with his wife… I hope he gets to decompress, and doesn’t get wound tighter by being trapped in the car for a week (I suspect the latter, sadly).

from A geek, a cat, and way too much time I enjoy the profile shots for image recognition.

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