Looks like next week’s weather is going to be rainy and sleepy. I was planning on restarting my walkies tomorrow morning, but perhaps that’s going to have to be postponed for a little while. We’ll see how grim it looks when I get up.

I wonder if my sweetie is still sleeping off last night’s gabfest and flu-bug… I, myself slept a solid 12 hours last night. That’s unheard of for me, unless the body’s sick. I’ve been puttering a bit today, fiddling like a dilettante with art programs and writing a little. working on a new, silly icon. Newton and I will live on for another 500 years, at least.

This is possibly the oddest thing I’ve seen in the RC hobby: Flying Steam Engines. You’ve got to admire the engineering skills involved.

I give you: the Color Schemer. Pick a color and view a selection of 16 harmonious hues. Then, read up on what it’s doing. found while seeking out another form of generator (more of those wacky title / location / plot creators) The superhero name generator is fun enough. 🙂 Just call me the Karate Thief! They’ve got generators for books, sentai stories, and other silly things.

looking for clip art for my web page…. and discovered stuff here

they're right.

coat of arms
scotto bust
alt seacave
sea cave entrance

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