Newtie’s mers won over my sweetie tonight.

speaking of freakishly cute…. this entertains me all too much. He doesn’t want Trix, he wants your pointer.

Today’s featured site on the Cruel Site of the Day got me thinking about music during gaming, surfing ambience, things like that.

A Estonian band called Rondellus has produced an album of classic Black Sabbath songs sung in Latin and performed in an authentic medieval manner with period instruments. Just think of “War Pigs” as a Gregorian chant.

The CD is for sale and the site includes sound samples and blah blah.

At first it struck me as funny, but you know I can’t just leave anything like that.

Imagine presenting the music as passages from a Latin translation of the Necronomicon or tome of choice. If you aren’t expecting Black Sabbath, the slowed tempo and radically different style can disguise the identity of the song for some time. Just the thing for a campaign involving Goths and R&R and backward masking and MK-ULTRA and Anton LaVey and Bobby Beausoleil and the whole merry gang.

parting thought before bed…night night

Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.
– Chuck Norris

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