red refills, falling from the sky. worth big bucks in scotto sleepville

I dreamt it was raining ball point pen refills last night, and certain colors were valuable. the greens and reds were worth gaqthering in a basket, but the blacks and blues were worthless, and tossed into a disposal pot. (I don’t know why they weren’t kept for use in pens.) I want a pot like that in waking life…you toss waste in (its opening was minute, only able to fit something about the size of a penny in… but that’s workable) and it gets shunted to some sort of recycling plant. it kept a tally of what you put in, but there was no compensation for it…just for record keeping. The rain wasn’t dangerous, like the razors… more annoying. A regular umbrella deflected the pinging metal tubes. collecting the refills was tougher in the dream… no colored pegs to tell what ink was inside. they had to be tested on a piece of paper, but it was worth the while. a large number of people were harvesting them in large baskets, strapped over the shoulder.

I wonder how much stuff gets polka-dotted in that world. I figure the points have to hit a surface sometime. not really an issue at the time.

green refills... the other valuable refill

“that’s my baby” is on… it’s the llama one! it’s one I’ve not seen… very nifty to watch a squad of them to run. If you want to tune in to animal planet online, they have a weekly one hour radio show, too. Lots of stuff in archive, too. at least 25 hours or so. The baby is a crazy cute thing! like a tortie-llama.. almost checkered.

neato interactive poem tag, and the project is growing like crazy

yikes… where’d the morning go? see you tonight, dear journal. I have to get to work.

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