Discovered Digital neigbors… much better than Local Yahoo. It helped me to dig up more local information on Pompano, Lusby, Holbrook, Bellingham, and North Bend. some of the links are dead ends (non-tiger maplinks pulled by advertisers), but the rest of the info is quite nifty. I got longitude and latitudes of the above cities, so I can track stuff on my palm astronomy program more accurately. I can see what the sky looks like in any of those places quick and easy, now.

I wish I’d found the Pompano info before I went on vacation… a better list of local stuff, save for the Hurricane coaster.

On an unrelated note… Wonder Woman was far more spiffy when she cruised around in a voice-activated, remote-controlled & telepathically summoned invisible plane (and later, jet). Just flying, any superhero can do. Tooling around in a transparent F-16 is cool, man. Even if it’s tricky to read the invisible altimeter and fuel buttons. Weirdly, everyone aboard stays visible, so you see a sitting pilot hanging in midair.

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