Updated the community bio to include the hut’s memories page. Pehaps this’ll help with the eternal pad vs. tamppon debate, and the “does anyone know about the keeper” threads that pop up every so often. (at least we can point folks to other comments that’ve already been made.) I think of particular note are the remedies and links header.

gah….took me 3 hours to read it over, top to bottom. it surprises me that I got through it all in one night, honestly. I was planning on doing one or two months a night, but got a wild hare. It wasn’t all manual, though. I did a little macro to help me bounce through the days and scroll though the calenndar (empty days goofed me up a little), looking for links, an entry with more than 15 replies( a hot discussion) and certain keywords. it took about 20 minutes to set up the subheadings (like links, debate, or remedies) but then, it was just clicketty-clicketty, with a quick eyeballing to be sure it looks good before comitting it to memories. I love it when a project comes together that quickly.

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