I wish I had a giant roman tub, big enough for two. I think that’ll be a purchase I make when I own my own place…. or an indoor jacuzzi. Something big enough to soak and float in some hot water, and to share with my sweetheart, too.

Dreams of owning a pet grooming store last night…weird, because I really have no interest in that as a career. Newt, Blackie, Zen and Kringle were models for the place in our ads…. with bows and painted nails. Totally sissy looks for such butch little boys., but I imagine they suffered through it for our cause. The place was very successful… I guess it’s because I’ve had critters on the brain lately. (The legion of superbabies, and all that).

Here’s an unusual proposal for archiving the collected works of mankind on what is, you must admit, a pretty enduring medium…I what sort of changes they would wreak? Certainly will last longer than any CD-Rom. Cockroaches. ew!

I love the answers on my server name poll!

The ones I least expected were and ‘s choices… clever!

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