brother came by today, and helped pick up the apartment… we gabbed for a bit, and he headed off to work. I really appreciate him sweeping the tile, and taking out the trash for me. nicest of all was talking, though. he also dropped off my birthday prezzie from Mom and Wilton… a $25 barnes and noble card.

I hooked him up with a few bucks to get him through the week… his roomie’s IRS check didn’t come in yet. Newt was following him all over the house as he did his thing… I suspect my bro smells like me, so Derek’s got “Uncle scent” or something… maybe just knows that he’s a sweetie.

Had a bad morning, backwise, but now I’m doing pretty well. I look forward to seeing the doc tomorrow.

Looking at anniversary gifts the avant-garde list is fun.

Wondering about multiple journal folks. I’ve known a couple of people that have deleted one and started another…five in fact, and quite a few people that have several LJ-identities. It’s unusual to me, but I know some of the reasoning.

  • to have a more public journal for family and people you know in meatspace and another for more private and anonymous thoughts.
  • to avoid some people
  • to maintain an anonymous name, unassociated with your primary to flame or post places that are “naughty” or “inappropriate”
  • to falsely gain the trust of someone else, so they can read private entries
  • to tell a story (like tulpa) or a split record of something from a character’s pov
  • community

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