bonus of having someone else bringing you goodies from the grocery store…. sometimes you get good stuff you never buy yourself.

Yummies that I got… english muffins (for breakfast) toasted up nicely with butter and strawberry preserves. the other side… I had pudding!

I can’t recall the last time I had either of them. good comfort food. Additional bonus, I’m getting my laundry done for me, too.

I wonder how many folks solved the mystery at … showed me a link to it ages ago (before AI ever came out, I think), and I’ve been messing with it, off and on for months. When I get bored, or the thought comes to me. Taking it at a leisurely pace, it’s a nice diversion. I just remembered to look into it again. It’s a great idea for a slow-paced game. lots of research, and a nifty storyline.

Blue’s Clues…you know you can replace the word blue in any song with Newt? Same for the word “you”. Newt Skiddoo, you can too! *Berrrwarw!*

Random Scotto Factoid – I used to watch Godzilla Movies like eating goldfish crackers. Even to this day, having a giant rubber monster movie playing in the background is very soothing to me. Especially if it’s Gamera or Godzilla. Badly dubbed Kung Fu flicks and Zombie movies also do the trick.

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