Went to the doctor, and he gave orders for me to stay in bed until I next see him — in a week. He wrote me a note for work, and three scrips for pain and anti-inflammatory.

for those following in the meds department, I’m now on oxycontin(20mg tabs) (not one I’m fond of… its addictive, and I don’t like putting stuff like that in my body.), supplemented with oxycodone,(325 mg tabs) (related and also habit forming) and naproxen (500 mg, maximum dosage) as the anti-inflam.

Variants on Percoset, which has been prescribed to me in the past… fortunately, I had no addictive cravings for it.

Some interesting stats on abuse.

I’m supplementing those meds with meditation, nag champa, soft lighting, thoughts of my sweetheart, Newtie-purrs, and Mr Chan’s Chinatown Almond Cookies.

My current upset is my awe at a doctor that schedules folks for a 1pm appointment, and I don’t get to see him until 2:15. That, and apparently Foundation Health is a horrid insurance company…that’s why I didn’t get better care at the ER. Looking into a better group soon. [update] It looks like Blue Cross / Blue Shield is the way for me to go, same price monthly, but a $500 deductable.

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