The Top 11 "Star Wars" Pants Lines

Simple game. Take any line from a “Star Wars” film and replace one word with “pants.” Alter grammar to fit if need be. If you find this amusing, there are sites out there (like this one) with hundreds of them. But here are the best 11…

  • “Jabba’s through with you. He has no time for smugglers who drop their pants at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser.” – Greedo
  • “Your pants – you’ll have to leave them outside.” – Cantina Bartender
  • “No! Alderaan is peaceful. We have no pants!” – Leia
  • “Don’t seem to remember ever owning pants.” – Obi-Wan
  • “I have no need for pants.” – Uncle Owen
  • “Oh, my. I’d forgotten how much I hate pants.” – C-3PO
  • “Biggs is right. I’m never going to get out of these pants.” – Luke
  • “Your pants, you will not need them.” – Yoda
  • “I’ve got a bad feeling about pants.” – Han Solo
  • “I am altering the pants. Pray I do not alter them any further.” – Darth Vader
  • “You are unwise to lower your pants.” – Darth Vader

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