just like the cartoons!

Cuts Like a Knife – Following a fight between two Florida men, we may need to add a few items to our banned weapons list. One guy hit the other one over the head with a beer bottle. Then the other guy responded by stabbing the first guy in the stomach with a swordfish.

I am ever so grateful to for bringing my paycheck, some advil and a nice treat of a bit of fudge by my house on her way home! A real help in a time of need. Thank you!

I’m missing playing Car Wars with my old-old tabletop gaming group from back in the mid-80s… the new, revised rules look like fun… an online version would be a hoot to play with friends.

Six Degrees of Captain America

Ricardo Alberich and co-workers at the University of the Balearic Isles in Spain, are tracing the evolution of the Marvel Universe in detail. They hope to understand which non-random features of real social networks are a consequence of the way people interact, and which follow from more general principles about network growth.

Where can I go to get a job doing that kind of stuff?

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