ethnic month?

Stuff happening in February this month in Fort Lauderdale. Couldn’t they spread it out a bit? flipside, there’s yummy food of every stripe available. đŸ™‚ Sakes… Melting pot, indeed. I don’t even need to mention the Brazilian, Cuban, Finnish and Hatian elements that are a part of daily life, too.

Greek fest, African-American history celebration (I missed that one, it was last weekend), Canada fest, Irish fest, Italian fest, Seminole tribal fair, Texas chili cook-off, ren fest, mardi gras, Scottish festival … I imagine that next month it’ll be Belgians and People of Russo/Austrailain decent. Th elevel of diversity always impresses me…. I’m just surprised that so much is bundled into one small month!

The Germans get a month in September… not counting Oktoberfest.

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