Color me link-happy this morning.

Good Mornin‘, Livejournal. I had wonderful dreams last night. Wrote them in my paper journal, and will transcribe when I have more time.

Well… it’s Sunday morning, and I’m going to get together with my brother today, his treat for my birthday. 🙂 I’m not sure what we are going to do… I suspect lunch and maybe a trip to the IMAX, maybe a promenade down riverwalk. I will get more recent pictures. Taking the bus down Federal.

I’m from Boston, originally, and I’m glad that the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl. aside from that and some of the nifty commercials that result, I’m not a big NFL head.

The little girl next door is running in the courtyard, and Newt is chasing her along the window sill… I don’t think the munchkin even realises that ol’ Newty-boy is hunting her. I got a mental image of a Tiger in the Asian jungle, ready to gobble her up. Shere Khan in miniature. (I guess that’d make Blackie kindly Bagheera….) Somehow, I don’t think Newtie is in danger of any Buffalo herds running him down… (Mowgli doesn’t defeat him in the book, Disney fans.) as long as he’s an indoor tiger, no fear fo cars, either.

Time for me to hop in the shower, dress, and be on my way. A full report will follow upon my return. I want spicy, crispy tofu for lunch!

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