blather, Scotto! ramble about unconnected things!

too many meetings at work today! bleh bleh bleh!

tomorrow will be more of the same. I do like having a fresh project to work on though… now it’s just a question of finding out *exactly* what people want and expect of the program.

As this will be internal, a “do what I want, not what I say” client won’t be as much of a problem. (gadzooks…I hope, anyhow)

The back is better today, a minor twinge still, but not enough to be any kind of distraction from my work, fortunately. I forsee walkies being reactivated by thursday or so.

brain is in gearhead mode… producing more code than story-stuff. lovely forms, queries, and variables are coming together in a very pleasing way. Also, Tulpa is blooming as a seed in the back of my head, though. I think I have a better idea of the island where the people live, and the mediterranian culture. I have been hearing and reading a bit about the Romany culture, and I suspect a little of that will find its way into there. is a muse, I admit. is also helping out quite a lot. Thanks!

Rowanda beat out South Florida for the lightning strike capital of earth. We’re number 2!

yike! where's my surge protector?

Scientists cross pigs with spinach?

I’m curious…how many of you guys remember 1979? Like Jimmy Carter, The Energy Crisis, All the gas stations with no fuel?

I was 10 years old then…I didn’t live in Florida yet, but we visited friends there in the keys. I remember carrying a 1978 world almanac with me *all the time* places. It was my source for nifty numbers and information, all kinds of trivia. Within a month that summer… July… I knew the whole book front to back, back to front. I still have a lot of that information locked inside my head, taking up space that phone numbers or some other memory use other folks might have. I sort of wish I had a stronger interest in music or language at that age… science and history was much more appealing to me at the time. I was one of those weirdo kids that actually knew all the presidents and vice presidents from Geroge Washington on, and could tell little goofy factoids about at least the more interesting ones, like Grover Cleveland (who was extra cool to me, because he was named for a muppet and a city in Ohio) being president two different terms, with Benjamin Harrison in between. I remember wanting John Anderson to win the 1980 election, because I didn’t like Reagan or Carter…it was the first year that I paid attention to elections and ad campaigns, though I didn’t understand very much of it. I thought the debates were interesting, and remember asking my Dad about Ayatollah Khomeni, and why the hostages were taken in Iran.

Weird, what flashes back, spinning off of the back of my skull… I remember news reports telling what day it was with the hostages… day 59, day 134, day 332. it lasted longer than a year.

Well, I’m going to bed… maybe to dream of my sweetheart and I as kids, running around, and goofing. Sweet dreams, dear journal, and wish me the same.

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