And I thought I had a bad day yesterday!

Holy cow…

I get this in my daily email back and forth to my brother –

A cop crashed into me on my bike chasing someone. I hit my head on the pavement pretty hard and my back hurts but I did not scrape my face, so that’s good. I am O.K. I got a ticket( bogus one ) I am taking it to court. I have a lawyer and he said every thing will be paid for; Bike, Doc., etc.

I want to call him up and talk with him about it, but he just sent the mail 4 hours ago. I hope he got checked out at the emergency room…I imagine that he did, he’s smart about stuff like that. (and no stranger to the ER… he’s been batted around a few times on cars and bikes.)

If any readers get a moment to, today, send him a prayer, a warm fuzzy or healing thought…whatever works best for you.


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