A bear in his natural habitat! A studabaker!

Movin’ right a long…

Scotto and a monkey were sitting on a rail.
The only difference I could see, the monkey had a tail.

There once was a boy from Peru
whose limericks stopped at line two.

There once was a man from Verdun.

Too late for the bus!

D’oh. Ah well, I can luxuriate and yellow cab it (see above)… maybe grab a bite on the way. I’ll be back late tonight.

I’m going to leave Newtcam on, if anyone wants to peek in and see him napping.

Kurt Wagner
I’m Kurt Wagner
What X-Men Character are You?
Mein Gott! You are Kurt Wagner, the fuzzy blue elf with that adorable accent. Sure, you may look like a demon, but you’ve got a heart of gold and are always looking to make others happy, even if it means playing all sorts of devilish tricks on them. You have a soft spot for the ladies and tend to be a bit of a ladies’ elf. Quite the charmer,nein?

I suspect it’s only because Beast wasn’t a possibility. (I’ve got big ol’ hands and feet, don’t ya know)

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