Newt woke me this morning with chilly little swabs tapping my neck, asking to be let under the covers where Scotto, (the human space-heater and universal snuggle-pillow) sleeps. Of course, after a half hour, he wants to play. He leapt from my chest to the ground, grabbed a paper wad, and ran all around the house with it. Not wanting to play fetch, hejust wants to drag the toy all over the house as he runs. Doofus-Kitty. 54 degrees out! about 20 degrees cooler than when I hit the sack. Where’d that weather come from?

I’ll wait for the sun to come up, and bring a little heat before going for walkies… meantime, I can get back on the stick with some of the more local projects.

proxomitron looks to be a wonderful filtering tool. a lot of nice features for killing popups, banners, embedded music, geocities branding, reallowing right clicking on those pages that turn it off and a lot of useful tools for testing websites, too. (a big list of features is on the web page)… plus the logo is a pyramid with an eye in it. Very powerful looking program.

Scary vintage art, for no good reason.

Aieeee!!! Very Spooky!

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