posted this in regards to why writers write, in reply to this. This isn’t meant as a slam or anything, just a difference of opinion.

I write stories to be read… that much I agree with. I disagree with the rest of the conclusions there. The rest of the “ladder to fame and fortune” is pure hogwash from my point of view. I also don’t suffer from the demon haunting he mentioned. I’m not the best writer that ever lived. I think that I have some talent and skill, but there are quite a few more able. I write when the urge drives me, or when I want to polish that ability. Same goes for other things I do in my life, programming when a project is needed, or doing sample work when I want to see if I can hone my craft there.

Fame? no thanks! I *really* don’t want to be famous. I like my privacy… I couldn’t deal with people stopping me on the street and being weird around me because I’m a public figure. (Same reason I’d never go into politics). I don’t mind the idea of people enjoying my work, but I wouldn’t much enjoy doing any promotional circuits, talk shows, or deal with spooky fawning fans. Heck, there are freaky stalkers here on LJ that are fine examples of why that’s an unattractive option.

Money? Anyone that goes into writing for the money is kidding themselves… $.03 a word is hardly the big bucks. Both Stephen King and Isaac Asimov had to keep working as teachers and rely on a second income for a long while, until they hit it mega-big. I know I’ll never hit that level of notoriety. I make more money in a day or so of programming than in a year of shopping stories around.

When I write, it’s largely to express a feeling, entertain or educate. (Myself first, usually). Writing has sent me on some nifty research quests, and I’ve learned a lot just by gathering information for a story.. even if the story never fully came together.

Like my journal entry previous… that article came together as a recollection and as an experiment regarding linked pictures. I don’t plan on it ever being distributed to some magazine or rocking the world at its foundation.

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