Alphabetica Cyberia… hee… I know folks that believe the fluoride and argon ones to be real…from the fine folks at kuro5hin.

I didn’t go out to a movie tonight, as it was very rainy and a trifle chilly outside. Instead, I watched 5 deadly venoms from the comfort of home, with a sleepy-pie Newtie on my lap. Lots of weirdo fighting action, and secret messages hidden inside of pickles. I like the DVD player that came with my Tron DVD better than the one that came prepackaged on my laptop. I did, however take a brisk little walk around the apartment building, just to get some blood moving. Chop-socky movies always make me want to work out a bit…maybe go back to Tai Chi and Tae Kwon Do, if only to build up some good muscle back, and get a good workout. Had a few smirnoff ices, and am feeling pretty comfy, and am now settling in for some reading. 🙂

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