I grew so tired just now that I fell into a doze, only catching myself as my head began a rapid decent to the surface of my desk. I didn’t even see the haze surround my mind before blanking and nodding… looking quite forward to visiting the doc on the fourth. I’d like to take care of this apnea once and for all, thank you very much. Some slight throat surgery and I won’t have to do the CPAP thing any more. Although, I’ve gotten quite used to it…another part of my nightly routine. I’d much prefer to just drop and sleep than need a routine.

I imagine that the majority of any weariness will evaporate once I’m home for the weekend.

Tore a line on my pants today…time to replenish the khaki supply. These guys are still good for bang-around, but not for wearing to work.

I have a BDalton’s gift card burning a hole in my pocket… there’s one the size of borders south of me, on federal. I should go check it out this weekend, while on my shopping time. I still haven’t seen Danny since well before my birthday…or the hippies and I wonder what sort of loot I’ll be getting from them. Dan let it slip that he got me a game of some sort, which is very out of character for him… he knows I don’t play many games, but perhaps something persuaded him to do so this go ’round. I imagine it’ll be fun, whatever it might be.

I believe I might’ve caught someone in a fib today… I’m not sure. I thought I’d let it go, but my mind just opened up to it, like a book that was left open, face down too long. I was told that a certain machine didn’t have some privileges it ought to, and it turns out that they have more access than I’d been led to believe. Perhaps it’s a recent change, and I just wasn’t made aware of it yet. It’s no biggie, just would streamline a few things had I known about the capabilities available, instead of having to build a few work-arounds. Fortunately, Apache is very easy to reinstall and reconfigure. Peevish thing.

Sappho’s back to work today, and I’m glad that she seems to be recovering from some of the assorted stresses that’ve been bothering her physically and emotionally. Speaking of that… scanned over some of the Nin… Not sure yet how I feel about her writing style, but I do know that a good chunk of her subject matter isn’t to my taste. I think she’ll make to 100 rule, but it depends on what atrocities vs. erocities are yet to show up. Certainly descriptive.

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