I’m glad that my sweetheart is doing better… was icky-sicky earlier in the week, with some looming flu hanging overhead. 🙂

Newt was gabby this morning…Not sure what he wanted… plenty of fresh sand, food and water, and I spent a goodly amount of the morning with him in my arms like a baby, giving him bouncy-loves, and smooches on the nose, and giving chase around the house. He really likes the amazon box that _Flyboy_ came in, and is flexing his shredding abilities on the flaps while he sits inside. I actually took him on a tour of the courtyard out front today, just to let him sniff the outside air and bat at the hedge-leaves as I held him in my arms. I suspect he was just wanting to hear the sound of his own voice. (I’m guilty of that, myself… I sing in the shower at times.) I’ve noticed that while he doesn’t watch TV directly, Newt digs the stereo left on, or the TV…I think he likes a little background noise. I think he likes the vibration as well as the heat from the tube, because he’ll lay on top of the speakers if the radio is on.

Set the laptop to install DirectX as I was heading out the door today… hopefully the missing file will find where it needs to fall.

After dropping things off at the post office, I caught the bus in to work…. something about the mild hum, and general quietness of the passengers lowered me into a torpor level of hibernation…vaguely aware of my surroundings, but mostly blanked, dropping the number of mental cylinders firing to about 3 or 4 our of the usual 12. You could tell that it’s Ash Wednesday, the bus was more crowded with a number of people dressed in church clothes and signature forehead-markings of the holiday.

I missed the transfer by moments, so I took a little walk over to McDonalds to grab a drink and return to the station to await the next bus… The girl behind the counter was a little tweaked. “May I take your order… uh, why are you looking at me like that?” I don’t think I had any expression on my face at all…or maybe she meant “Why the blank expression?” My reply was a smile and then “I don’t know… it’s just the face I’m wearing. I’m sleepy. May I have a large orange juice?” No dice. Apparently, they stop the orange juice with breakfast. Sort of weird to me, no prep involved to my knowledge… Don’t they do coffee all day? Anyhow, I settled for a large coke, hoping that the additional caffeine would give me a needed boost. (no luck there, either… but at least my thirst was finally quenched.) The girl behind the counter went over to another who was doing drive through duty , and pointed at me as I filled my soda from the fountain. I don’t think she realized that I was pretty much looking right at them as I was doing so, maybe off and to the right a bit. It’s kind of funny to me that people still have the same mannerisms year after year. Since I wandered over from the bus station, and meandered back, I suspect that they thought I was stoned or something. Had I more energy or interest, I might’ve had a bit of fun with them, gibbering about ants on my arms, the walls breathing or some such.

Still in the market for a nice bike, a beach cruiser to tool around on for morning walkies (will become rollies?) and commute to work on. I really don’t want a car, unless I have to make a bigger drive.

I just realized I’ve not done many “pictures of the day” since my vacation. I want to get back into that, as it’s nice to have an image to look back on the day as well as words. I’ve sent a couple to snap club, which is a fun thing…. 320 x 240 only. a neat archive of assorted folks pictures.

Well, back to work, dear journal. I hope the system you live on is happy and healthy, and the new features come into place soon. *hope hope* especially for an internal search engine. I really would like to type “poop” or whatever, and see what entries turn up (I imagine “sweetie” or “Newt” would return an interestingly high number of values).

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