Hmmm… somehow, I got a major scrape behind my left knee. Was I attacked by newt during the night? catch the flesh on some sharp object? Aliens botching a chip implant (or removal?) I need a personal forensics team to dance for my amusement. A few notes before I hop into the shower.

galactic battlegrounds will have to wait. for some reason, ol’ directx 8.1 doesn’t want to install. I suspect lappie needs a reformat, and I’m not going to do that until I can back up the vital stuff off of the hard drive.

don't fry bacon naked!Hey… Alton Brown has a place to rant? How neat! Probably the most nifty guy on cable that’s not involved with the discovery channel. Not very frequently updated, though. I’m impressed by his scientific knowledge, humor, and mass of trivial data. Mind you, his website is a mass of useless graphics, but it can be looked past. Tonight’s Episode of good eats is about cocoa. Food network, at 9pm EST.

Speaking of chocolate… note to self: overnight the yummies to my dearest before work today, along with some other goodies… been lacking in my timelyness…more tricky to do net-ordering of stuff from work, too.

Ok.. time for the pod to enter the rain-box.

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