back from walkies… cool, but nice. in the low 60s. I needed the walk to wake up, though I still have a case of the yawnies, at least my morning grogginess has passed. The fog surrounding my mind seemed especially thick earlier. I had a feeling that I could kick off of the sidewalk and just float up, and fly around a bit. I saw a few bleached shells and rocks, scattered on the ground… made me think about teeth, my walking on the jawline of some leviathan.

It’s officially the Year of the Horse

Lots of luck and red envelopes for everyone!

There’s a right way to cook a Palm Pilot and a wrong way. OK… there’s just a wrong way. Some senior exec got his Palm VII wet, put it in the oven to dry it and then proceeded to cook a pizza with the Palm still in the oven. Oopsie! Pictures of the aftermath are included.

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