At work today… I forgot to bring in the caramel m&m’s for Erica’s little vending gizmo at the front desk. Hopefully it’ll hold out until tomorrow. I will spread the addiction throughout the workplace. Something weird bug about Windows 2000 and Internet Explorer… Big Brain would reboot as soon as IE tries to hit the net. The error was replicated on a friend’s machine, too. (It was fixed by putting 98 back on her system) Now it’s a question of putting 98 or XP on BB, I guess. Pesky, pesky, pesky. But… it will get up to snuff soon, and be more surf-worthy. All that remains for BB is repairing net-readiness, (including making sure both the DSL and the regular modems are working) and then all will be good. Hooray! At last, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I come into work this morning, and the Finn was hiding something in her hand, presumably to give Kev. She was being weirdly secretive about it, and doesn’t know much about slight-of-hand. She got up, left while Kev and I conversed a bit, and then came back ten minutes later. At that point, I said, “Well, Kev, I’ll let her give you whatever she’s hiding in her mitt in private… I assume it’s not the crack cocaine. Talk to you later!” The Finn was a little scandalized by that, shocked that a person could see through her 6-year-old-esque method of hiding something in a closed fist. She blustered a bit, (about it being a secret) and I told her that it wasn’t a problem. (And it isn’t… I imagine Kevin will tell me what it was, anyhow.) The Finn functions socially at about a 14-year-old girl’s level… see prior (I’ll add a link here later to the silly “birthday insulted” story, if I can find it with speed). She has a very strong need to do political game-play and backbiting, as does the Chupacabra. Entertainingly enough, they’re at odds, so you get to hear both of them talking dirty about one another while being pleasant to each other’s respective faces. Downside, you have to hear twice as much whining, if you’re in good with them. (I’m not, really, so I get the Kevin filtered version of their rants… more entertaining, and it cuts out the dross.)

As a belated birthday prezzie, Kev got me a copy of Galactic Battlegrounds… Basically, it’s Age of Kings set in the Star Wars universe. I look forward to trying it out, and perhaps luring my sweetie into multiplayer games. (Should it prove to be as entertaining as I suspect.) It’s the same game engine, but entirely new units… different tribes replaced with Wookie, Galactic Empire, Rebels, Naboo, Gungun, and trade federation. Yet another reason to get BB up to online snuff. I foresee poring over the manual during lunch today.

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