Newton’s been “counting coup” on me this morning… runnning past, giving me a little “bip” with his paw and making a run for it. Of course, this obliges me to chase him around the house, until I can tag him back, saying the magical words “woogity-woogity”. Currently, it’s volleyed back and forth about a dozen times, and Newt is currently “it”, and lounging on the windowsill, watching rain come down.

I think I’ll do the taxi to work today, because I’m not of a mood to linger in the rain before work. Lovely to walk in on time off, mind you.

Imagine another world, a heartbeat, a breath away, and yet at the same time more distant than the farthest star. You can walk to it without even noticing, just by going through a door in some crooked building, or by day dreaming after having seen a curious painting or read an unusual book. It is a world of quaint vehicles, wondrous architecture and strange customs. Like our own world, it has light and darkness in equal measure, and you are never quite sure which prevails at any given moment…

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