Walkies were nice, but I kept them brief this morning. Wonderfully cool out, comfortable to walk around. Now I’m freshly showered and shaved, and have scooted the dreamsicle off of the laptop’s keyboard. I wonder what the allure of that location is. Craving blueberry muffins… I wonder if I have time to swing past the grocery store’s bakery en route to work? It’s payday, and Friday! Huzzah!

before I dress and dash…

Tiffany is posing in playboy?! Does she need the publicity? Does she want to do it? (Has she had a gig since singing for Judy Jetson?)

Note to self, bring all of your w-2s home, and do taxes tonight. Don’t forget apheresis appointment tomorrow. Bring your own movie, since last time all of the ones of interest had been viewed. Bring Camera?

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