Well, mp still hasn’t refunded the money that it was supposed to take care of last thursday. Tomorrow, first thing, it’ll be time to use words like “theft” and “lawyer” when I call. Pesky. Note to self – Customer Service 800-360-1722

The Tron extra features are nice, and the deleted scenes interesting, though I’m glad that they were cut. I’m very interested in the sequel, now… http://tronkillerapp.com for a totally non-revealing teaser. Funny… I can remember quite clearly going to see the movie with James Dawsey when I was in 7th grade. about four years left before the down times. maybe I’ll refect more on Unity junior high and the times with James, Kevin Cummins, and that phase of life. Being a santa for the first time for the twins club, and my first gig as a library assistant.

Hitting the sack… see you in the AM, Journal… time for bed, and dreams of bliss and birthday presents. 😉

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