Missed the transfer to the #60 bus, so I called a cab into work from the other stop. bah. Ah well, it happens. At the walgreens near the stop I got this stuff called fruit2O, “water with added vitamins and natural fruit flavors”. Nasty! I thought it’d be sparkling water with a hint of kiwi flavor. (the splenda sweetening I noticed afterwards.. yay splenda, booo fruit2O) NOOoooOOOoo. It was like drinking syrup, sans the thickness. caught totally unaware I realised this about midway through a Scotto power-chug. blergh. I didn’t retreat any of it back, but it was yechy. The sort of thing that you drink and feel more thirsty afterwards for your trouble.

Strange dreams last night… it was raining razor blades… everything that they hit would split and peel into curls like wood being planed. I had a concrete golf umbrella monted on my back and a suit of armor (old style knight manner) that protected me from the weather, but I was feeling sorry for the plants that were being chopped into salad by the downpour. I was shopping for my sweetie, trying to bring her some stuff home. It was vitally important that she get her golden grahams before 5pm… it was some sort of medical supplement. The rain on my armor’s ankles made ricochet noises, like bullets in an old west movie.. lots of *ping-yow* / *ba-voo* sounds.

Italian thieves steal vial full of bull’s sperm, “Police are warning anyone who comes across the vial “not to touch it for any reason” – it has been immersed in liquid nitrogen which causes burns.”

Suuuuure it’s bull sperm, not a vial of some other milky substance that should not be allowed contact with skin…we all know what it really is.

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