channel 7 newsbit psychic frauda follow up on this entry… watching an expose’ on miss cleo in local news. lots of telephone scripts, and folks get $0.14 to $0.19 a minute. (about $11 an hour) while the folks are charged about $5 a minute for the readings. A transcript and video snip is available here nice to see pictures with the news. also, you can see her house. wsvn is a terribly invasive tabloid network, and I think miss cleo held her own nicely. another earlier report video and transcripts are here. and another about cleo’s harassing phone calls.

the weather is wonderful right now…61F. I guess seeing my shadow was legit! It’s supposed to be cooler tomorrow, too.

the complex is much more quiet now that the folks on both sides of my own apartment have moved out. the nice Irish couple, gone. friendly hippies, with Newt’s outside kitty-buddies, gone. aside from myself there’s a couple with 2 children a 2 bedroom adjoining on the west side, and a solitary man off on the far side of the hipppies’ old place. lots of parking again. strange to not hear faint faint sounds in the courtyard coming from the now empty places… both of the tenants now on exodus had the habit of leaving the door open and windows while they watch tv or listening ot the radio. seeing them closed is sort of disconcerting, even though I’ve only been here since july. (all the folks here moved in at the same time, except for solo-guy. I wonder if these things run in cycles. will I and the family be relocating soon? on a month to month lease, anything’s possible.

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